Stoner Bowl

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superbowl stonerbowl


The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks advanced to the Super Bowl, the teams from the only 2 states that have legalized marijuana. America’s largest sporting event has now been labelled the Stoner Bowl because the mainstream media quickly pointed out that both cities are epicenters for the country’s marijuana industry.

Since then, cannabis related businesses in both states have been rolling out football-themed advertising, discounts and even marijuana strains to capitalize on the extra attention. Also a message is being pushed by five billboards sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project, which have been erected in New Jersey near the site of the Super Bowl set for Super Bowl (or should we say Stoner Bowl) Sunday. People who earn millions in revenue from alcohol sponsors but still prohibit the use of cannabis among their players, which is much safer substance, run the National Football League is the message.

“Marijuana is less toxic, less addictive, and less harmful to the body than alcohol,” MPP Director of Communications Mason Tvert said in a press release. “Why would the NFL want to steer its players toward drinking and away from making the safer choice to use marijuana instead? If it is okay for athletes to douse each other with champagne in front of the cameras, it should be okay for them to use marijuana privately in their homes.”

Instead of shouting out the usual “I’m going to Disneyland” the winning quarterback could be telling us he is going to the nearest dispensary …

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