Facebook and Google refuse Cannabis ads

Posted in United States


google censorship

Facebook and Google refuse ads for cannabis, even in a country where recently the states of Colorado and Washington legalized the sale of marijuana. NCIA  (National Cannabis Industry Association) tried to pay for promoted posts to gain a little extra attention on Facebook, but the money was refused. Also for distributing links to stories about weed in newspapers like the New York Times it was not possible for NCIA to pay for promoted posts.

“It’s quite bizarre and shortsighted – and moreover hypocritical – they leave legitimate ad money on the table,” said Taylor West of NCIA on GigaOM.

A spokesman for Facebook said that it is too risky for the social network to show the ads, because only a few states have approved selling medicinal cannabis. Google has a rule that it prohibits ads for “substances that can alter brain function for an unnatural euphoria or to cause altered sensory perception, such as marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms, herbal ecstasy, and so on.”

Advertisements for alcohol are allowed at both companies.  However a review of the policies is not excluded. A spokesperson for the search giant says: “We constantly renew and revise our Adwords policy.”

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