One of our ways to stay in touch with our fans, is to also use a Blog. We are not the types that will ramble on about nothing, but will share  items with you that you might find interesting and worth sharing. It will all be related to Amsterdam and the 420 culture that lives amongst us. Hope we can inform you and bring a smile to your face with our posts.

How to make marijuana butter

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We all agree that the secret is in the butter when making edibles that also counts for marijuana foods. But how do you get a good butter? Marijuana infused butter, mostly used in pastry recipes, can be used in many other recipes that require butter. An advantage is that you (more…)

Stoner Bowl

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superbowl stonerbowl


The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks advanced to the Super Bowl, the teams from the only 2 states that have legalized marijuana. America’s largest sporting event has now been labelled the Stoner Bowl because the mainstream media quickly pointed out that both cities are epicenters for the country’s marijuana industry. (more…)

Facebook and Google refuse Cannabis ads

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google censorship

Facebook and Google refuse ads for cannabis, even in a country where recently the states of Colorado and Washington legalized the sale of marijuana. NCIA  (National Cannabis Industry Association) tried to pay for promoted posts to gain a little extra attention on Facebook, but the money was refused. Also for distributing links to stories about weed in newspapers like the New York Times it was not possible for NCIA to pay for promoted posts. (more…)

Amsterdam in Motion

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A hyperlapse of Amsterdam filmed through November and December of 2013. Featured in the film are a number of exhibitions from the cities annual Light Festival (

Amsterdam Coffeeshops Open

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CoffeeshopThe Amsterdam Coffeeshops are still open and will continue to serve tourists from around the world. It is a very confusing topic for people planning to visit our great city and make use of our liberal cannabis system. There has been much media attention on the subject that the coffeeshops in the Netherlands are no longer serving tourists, but not much has been mentioned in the media about the actual rules implemented. It so happens that only (more…)

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