Amsterdam Coffeeshops Open

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CoffeeshopThe Amsterdam Coffeeshops are still open and will continue to serve tourists from around the world. It is a very confusing topic for people planning to visit our great city and make use of our liberal cannabis system. There has been much media attention on the subject that the coffeeshops in the Netherlands are no longer serving tourists, but not much has been mentioned in the media about the actual rules implemented. It so happens that only 3 of the Dutch provinces are prohibiting non-residents from entering the coffeeshops. These provinces are Limburg, Zeeland and Brabant, the rest of the Netherlands remains as it has always been … kind of.

The law now states that there is no more tobacco allowed, just pure reefers. This however does not seem to be strictly enforced, lots of mixed tobacco rolling everywhere. Just don’t smoke cigarettes …


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