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It was in 1983 that two friends brought ‘American style T-shirt printing’ to the Netherlands. In a basement on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, there they laid the foundation for FOX-Originals. During all these years printing and application techniques were mastered and a network of textile manufacturers in the E.U., US and Far East has been made.

AmsterdamShirts are made by FOX-Originals, a company in the custom made garment business and leaders in the field of t-shirt silk screening and applications. There is an extensive in-house production facility. We print up to 14 colours per design and produce sustainably, that means work exclusively with environmentally friendly inks and use a closed cleaning system.

AmsterdamShirts is located in the freedom capital of the world – Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We focus on quality t-shirts with Amsterdam design and 420 themes.

Compliment your wardrobe with apparel from AmsterdamShirts. We ship AmsterdamShirts t-shirts, sweaters and caps worldwide!

We produce and supply merchandise, workwear and city branding. We create original designs on quality clothing. We are Fox Originals and we work for you and your fans.
What Clients Has To Say?

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Hey I just wanna say that I love your shirts and hope to see more of it soon, thank you!

Westin Collins

Indiana US

Visité Amsterdam en 2019, me encantan los recuerdos que recibo con sus camisas.


Denia, Spain

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